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CILIP and CILIP in Scotland strengthen support for library and information professionals in Scotland

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CILIP and CILIP in Scotland, which is an independently-registered organisation based in Glasgow, have signed a new ongoing joint Service Level Agreement (SLA) which will enable both organisations to strengthen their support for library and information professionals in Scotland.

Under the terms of the new SLA, CILIP and CILIP in Scotland will work together to deliver value for CILIP members living and working in Scotland. The organisations will share plans and best practice and keep one another updated about developments in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Speaking about the new Agreement, which is now established on a permanent ongoing basis unless terminated by either party, CILIP Chair Caroline Brazier commented, “The CILIP Board and I welcome the signature of this new joint SLA with CILIP in Scotland. It is important that CILIP members in Scotland can continue to benefit from the distinct representation that CILIPS provides, tailored to Scotland’s unique legislative and political landscape. At the same time, the Agreement provides an important platform for CILIP and CILIPS to work together, share plans and develop new ideas for the benefit of members everywhere.”

Penny Robertson, Chair of CILIPS Trustee Board, added; “The CILIP Scotland Board and I welcome the refreshed and rejuvenated Service Level Agreement (SLA) with CILIP. The SLA allows our two organisations to collaborate and develop on a UK wide scale and enables CILIP Scotland to consider our members needs first and focus our activities nationally. We look forward to a bright future sharing expertise and ideas with all our friends and colleagues throughout the UK.”

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