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Online: Library Connect Webinar on Librarians Setting Researchers up for Success

Apr 16 2020

Price: Free
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Library Connect Webinars – Setting Researchers up for Success with Better Workflow

Free webinar – 16th April 2020, 4pm

Library Connect is a global programme for academic, medical, corporate, and government librarians provided by Elsevier. One offer from Library Connect is free webinars which run occasionally throughout the year.

In this webinar, the impact that librarians can have on the success of researchers will be discussed. Librarians can support researchers to stay up-to-date with developments in their field through facilitating access to useful tools and providing training on best practice for knowledge search, creation, and management.

Hear from a recent PhD graduate about the different ways the library supported her and also from two librarians sharing how they enable the effective collaboration of research teams and how they ensure researchers in their community have the proper skills to manage the research process.

Visit the Library Connect website for full details of this session and the booking link.

By attending this webinar, you could develop in the following PKSB areas:

  • Understanding research
  • Supporting users
  • Teaching and training skills
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