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A Day in the Life

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A look into a day in the life of Lee-Anne Connor, School Librarian, Chryston High School, North Lanarkshire

Tuesday 4th February

So today is actually quite a quiet day in the library, I do not have any classes booked into the library which is slightly unusual so I have decided that I will catch up on some planning and admin duties that I have been putting off for too long. Let’s see how I get on.

Period 1 – 8.55 – 9.40am

I catch up on some emails and attempt to tidy up my desk. I have no idea how my desk gets so messy during the week but it does. I didn’t get very far with it as some S2 pupils came to the library to change over their books. By the time I had issued new books and put the returned books back it was time for period 2.

Period 2 – 9.40 – 10.35am

Although not technically a class in the library I have 2 S2 pupils for Read Write Inc this period. I took part in the training for this last year and this is the last period I will have the boys as we have come to the end of the course. We were finishing off our last module and going over all our speed sounds, we finished with a game of hangman using football players – pleased to say that I still guessed them all correctly. The boys convinced me to have them tomorrow and do a spelling test. I think it was the hope for tea and biscuits that make them request it.

Break – 10.35 – 10.50am

Break was pretty quiet today – I had about 25 pupils in either reading, doing homework or using the Macs to search on Google Maps (S1 pupils seem obsessed with finding their house). I have recently made the library a mobile phone free zone which is really helping with the noise level and has made the library a much more relaxed environment.

Had a lovely chat with my core group of S3 pupils that always come to the library, I recommended a few books to the girls who gladly took them out. The books were ‘The Places I’ve Cried in Public’ by Holly Bourne and ‘All the Things We Never Said’ by Yasmin Rahman – both books I have just recently finished.

Period 3 – 10.50 – 11.40am

I treated myself to a cup of tea and a biscuit while I finished writing up the questions for my focus group that I had organised for period 5 today.

I then started to plan the itinerary for the London 2021 trip I was running – this involved looking up some different educational visits that we could add into the trip. This will be the third time I have organised the trip along with one of our English teachers so we are looking to do some different activities. I had to rein myself in otherwise the trip would cost a fortune and we would have no down time. I do love a trip to London. Think we are settled on a visit to the Courts of Justice and the Imperial War Museum, looking forward to launching it to the pupils soon.

I then started to put stickers on my Read to Succeed books for the S1 pupils. As part of our Read to Succeed initiative all S1 pupils across North Lanarkshire are being gifted a book they picked during a visit from Glowworm books. We are still waiting on a few to come in but made a head start on them.

Period 4 – 11.40 – 12.30pm

Started to tidy my desk again but a Modern Studies class showed up hoping to use the library computers, they only lasted 20 minutes then went back to class as the Macs were on a go-slow day it would seem.

I then helped out some S6 pupils who work with me on yearbook – we only have yearbook once a week and the class are starting to stress out over how little has actually been done so far. Tried my best to reassure them although I am slightly panicking as well.

My Lunch Break 12.20 -12.45pm

After years of quick lunch breaks or eating at my desk I make sure I get a proper lunch break every day.

Lunch time 12.45 – 1.15

The library is open to all years at lunchtime – the only exception is a Thursday when I have a Creative writing/Debate club on for S1-S3 pupils. Today it seemed a bit on the quiet side which was nice – the girls I had recommended the books to at break came in to start the books, sitting on the comfy seats reading them was a lovely sight.

I had a few requests for help with S2 Maths homework, not my strong point so I found an able S3 pupil to help them.

Spent most of lunchtime just walking about and talking to the pupils that were in the library – I really enjoy lunchtimes like this when everything seems a bit more relaxed and you get the chance to talk a bit more in depth to the pupils.

Period 5 – 1.15 – 2.05 pm

I had organised a focus group with S5 & S6 pupils for this period as a way of getting a head start on my development planning for next year and to get some insight in to their thoughts and opinions of the library. A very interesting discussion took place, some mature opinions on libraries were expressed and some really useful points to take forward were presented by the pupils.

Period 6 – 2.05 – 2.55pm

While it was still fresh in my head I decided to type up my notes from the focus group – I am really excited to action some of their ideas and look in to how I can make coming to the library a positive experience for all pupils across the school.

I didn’t get very far in my typing as I had to take a phone call regarding our S6 school leaver hoodies. Due to the fact that I take Yearbook the calls keep coming through to me – I have passed this on to our captains but still need to send some information on to the company. Since they are coming to the school on Thursday I had to do this right away.

Period 7 – 2.55 – 3.45pm

Last period of what was meant to be a quieter day – I replied to some emails about booking classes in for the rest of this week so I now have some planning to do for them.

Organised what I need for The Reading Bridge lesson tomorrow after school. The Reading Bridge is a literacy transition programme for P7 pupils – they come up to the library every Wednesday after school for a paired reading session then a literacy session. Tomorrow we are going to Science to experiment with potions to tie in with Harry Potter Night.

After the bell had went I managed to finish typing up my notes and had another cheeky cuppa while doing so – I honestly think I am made up of about 90% tea now.

Never got around to tidying my desk – there is always tomorrow.

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