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CILIPS Commitment to Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

CILIPS Commitment to Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

CILIP Scotland commits to the following actions:

  • To support the CILIP Changing Lives programme and associated policies, by applying all actions as relevant to Scotland and promoting its principles to our membership.
  • To amend the election process for the Board in order to seek greater representation of professionals from protected characteristics, that at a minimum reflect the diversity of our membership. This includes aspiring to have 20% of our board represented by members from ethnic minority groups.
  • To establish regular communication links with CILIP BAME, LGBTQ+ and Disability Network committees to ensure that Scotland is part of their scope.
  • Undertake ongoing consultation with our membership on issues relating to EDI and actively encouraging feedback and engagement via an anonymous Padlet.
  • Sharing good practice with all our members including banks of resources e.g. case studies, examples of international best practice and evidence.
  • Ensure our event programming is inclusive, diverse and representative of our membership.
  • Ensure our campaigns, communications and all other activities celebrate diversity and inclusion.

In the above policy we use ‘ethnic minority groups’ to refer to all ethnic groups except the ‘White British’ group. Ethnic minorities include white minorities, such as Gypsy,  Roma and Irish Traveller groups.  

This policy will be reviewed regularly, and terminology will be updated as required  and in liaison with diversity networks.  

Policy Approved: September 2022

Review date: September 2024

We welcome feedback on our ongoing EDI work from our members and the wider library and information community – if you have any comments or suggestions to share, please add them anonymously to this padlet page or email us anytime at


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