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At the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland, we believe that libraries and quality information are essential in Scotland, now more than ever. Our vision is of a nation where the vital value of library and information professionals is recognised everywhere, and where our members are empowered to continue developing their innovative skills and knowledge.

Working in close partnership with our affiliate CILIP, we advocate for 1,200 members across Scotland and beyond, supporting them to achieve and maintain professional excellence through CILIP Certification, Chartership, Fellowship and Revalidation.

We deliver a rich programme of professional development activities every year, including our Annual ConferenceAutumn Gathering and a diverse array of online learning sessions, and our dynamic network of Regional Branches and Special Interest Groups ensures that every member is part of a professional community: wherever they live and whichever area of the sector they work in.

Furthering our commitment to rewarding professional excellence, we run the annual Scotland’s Library and Information Professional of the Year Award, a cross-sectoral accolade honouring a CILIP Scotland member for outstanding accomplishment in post. We also award annual Honorary Memberships to those who have made exceptional contributions to our sector, and CILIPS Student Medals to recognise and reward the rising stars of our profession.

Our objectives are set by our Trustee Board and shaped by the advice of the CILIPS Council, formed by enthusiastic and engaged representatives from our branches and groups. We are dedicated to increasing diversity within our Governance structures, with an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) commitment, and the CILIPS website currently includes five evolving resource collections that reflect our ongoing EDI work. We believe in social justice, intellectual freedom and evidence based practice, and support our membership and the wider library and information sector to do the same.

We are a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation with two full-time staff members based in the city centre of Glasgow. Our purpose and mission form the foundation of our charitable status with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) while our Rules and Regulations set out our constitutional and legal status:

  • To support the principle of equality of access to information, ideas and works of imagination, as fundamental elements of Scotland’s economy, democracy, culture and civilisation;
  • To enable members to achieve and maintain the highest professional standards in all aspects of delivering library and information services for the good of the people of Scotland; and
  • To work with relevant Scottish organisations and CILIP to set, maintain and promote standards of excellence in the creation, management, exploitation and sharing of information and knowledge resources in Scotland.

Aims and Objectives

To provide, in conjunction with CILIP, an authoritative voice for members of the library and information profession in Scotland. To support, represent and act as the professional body for persons in Scotland working in library and information services, represent members’ interests in the wider library and information community.

  • To advocate and promote the role and value of library and information services to all sections of the community in Scotland.
  • To promote and encourage the maintenance of adequate and appropriate provision of library and information services of all kinds at both local and national level.
  • To scrutinise any legislation affecting, or likely to affect, the provision of library and information services in Scotland, and to promote such further legislation as may be considered necessary.
  • To promote the improvement of the knowledge and skills of librarians and information personnel.

‘It is no overstatement to say I wouldn’t be alive today without having access to Scotland’s libraries… they remain a safe, warm, nourishing, completely free space for our most vulnerable, as well as avenues of true social mobility and community gathering. Their value in a society that cares about its citizens cannot be overestimated.’ 

Kerry Hudson, award-winning author and CILIPS Annual Conference 2021 keynote speaker.

‘I liked the radical edge to the conference and its big bold ideas.’

‘The main thing I took away from the day was the importance of libraries and how they matter to individuals and greater society.’

Feedback from delegates who attended the CILIPS Annual Conference 2021.

‘Libraries change lives. They’re the beating heart of local communities and make a profound impact on our lives. They provide the answer to social isolation and loneliness, health and wellbeing, digital exclusion, literature, literacy, education, reading and economic recovery. When people walk through the doors of a library they enter a different place, a sanctuary of democratic access to knowledge and learning wrapped up in a safe, warm space with qualified staff on hand to help. If we want a brighter future, we need to start with libraries because libraries are essential.’ 

Peggy Hughes, Former Chair of Literature Alliance Scotland, in support of the 2021 CILIPS advocacy campaign #LibrariesAreEssential.

Further historical information

An archive of CILIPS material is held at the National Library of Scotland:

Various archive material such as annual reports and journals are held within the CILIPS office. Please e mail for more details.


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