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Professional Development Fund

A black and white photograph of CILIPS members cheering at the 2022 CILIPS Annual Conference.

The CILIP Scotland Professional Development Fund aims to provide financial assistance to members wishing to undertake professional development activities related to enhancing skills in the information profession. This can include in person and online conferences, events, courses, seminars or webinars organised by CILIPS, CILIP or other bodies in the UK or overseas.

Apply for the fund

Priority will be given to applicants currently undertaking CILIP Professional Registration – Certification, Chartership, Fellowship and/or Revalidation – and in all cases, applicants should specify where their proposed professional development activity links with areas of the Professional Knowledge & Skills Base.

The assistance awarded may not cover all costs and single individual awards are limited to £600.  A funding call is made for applications 4 times a year via the CILIPS newsletter, website and social media.

Please note – we will accept estimated costs based on previous events where those details are unavailable at the time of application and in those cases will alter final award accordingly within reason.

*Courses of study leading to a qualification must be accredited by a recognised library body (eg CILIP, LAI). If you are unsure on this point please e-mail for clarification before applying.

Funding for the initiative is being sourced from accrued profits earned from CILIPS events.

Full criteria for the fund

Current call for applications

The current call for applications is for events taking place between 1st October and 31st December 2024, and the deadline for applications is 12pm on 6th September 2024.

Apply for the fund

Additional CPD funding opportunity: TAFLIN Fund Legacy.

CILIPS Tayside has been tasked with managing the remaining CPD funds that the now-folded TAFLIN (Tayside and Fife Library and Information Network) left behind. Any members currently working in the former TAFLIN area (Angus, Dundee, Fife, and Perth & Kinross local authorities) are invited to submit funding bids for personal CPD opportunities they have identified to the CILIPS Tayside Branch Secretary

Please see the CILIPS Tayside Branch page for full details of this opportunity.

Previous Awards

A condition of receiving an award is that recipients will write up a report for the CILIPS website. The following reports have already been written:

Jane Brebner – YLG Conference

Jill Reid – YLG Conference

Jennifer Horan – YLG Conference (via Storify)

Jeremie Fernandes -THERE IS A BETTER WAY / Information Literacy Skills to Empower

Stephen Leitch – SLG National Conference

Laura MacNeil – CILIPS Conference 2016

Jessica Walther – CILIPS Conference 2016

Alanna Broadley – CILIPS Conference 2016

Melanie Tauscher – CILIPS Conference 2016

Caitlin McCulloch – CILIPS Conference 2016

Christine Love-Rodgers – ATLA 2016

Sarah Louise McDonald – Radical Librarian’s Collective Gathering and the CILIP Conference 2016

Shelagh Toonen – Autumn Gathering

Clare Hemsworth – New Professionals Day 2016

Sarah Ames – Introduction to Programming course

Robert Allanson – Copyright in the Digital Age

Kayleigh McGarry – CILIPS Conference 2017

Siobhan O’Brien – CILIPS Conference 2017

Diane Scott – SLA 80th Conference

Pamela McLean – SLA 80th Conference 

Christine Brooks – UXLIBS III

Chris O’Malley –  International Congress of Medical Librarianship and European Association for Health Information and Libraries Conference

Lauren Bick – CILIP Conference 2017

Valerie Black – Autumn Gathering 2017

Patricia McParland – Autumn Gathering 2017

Sharron Wilson – UKSG 2018

Michelle O’Hara – LILAC 2018

Linda Hazle – CILIPS Conference 2018

Wendy Bathgate – CILIPS Conference 2018

Clare Hemsworth – SLA Conference 

Laura Cooijmans-Keizer – Understanding Latin in Documents and Archives

Lynsey Sampson – CILIPS Conference 2019

Friederike Schafheutle – CILIPS Conference 2019

Sara Brown – CILIPS Conference 2019

Elena Focardi – CILIPS Conference 2019

Toni Velikova – CILIP Conference 2019

Laura Cagnazzo – Pure International Conference 2019

Kirsten MacQuarrie – CILIPS Autumn Gathering 2019

Sarah Docherty – Catalouging and Classification

Dana Stoddart – Advanced Copyright training sessions 2021

Ruth Hunter – CILIPS Annual Conference 2022

Ellie Jack – CILIPS Annual Conference 2023

Elizabeth Carney – CILIPS Annual Conference 2023

Silvia Spaltro – CILIPS Annual Conference 2023

Daisy Stafford – London Rare Book Summer School: The Modern Rare Book Trade 2023

Anaïs Cayzac – IFLA General Conference and Assembly 2023

Lauren MacIntyre – CILIPS Annual Conference 2024

Hazel Hanratty – CILIPS Annual Conference 2024

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