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CILIPS Research Fund

The CILIPS Research Fund logo, with a magnifying glass and a blue blurred background showing text reading 'tackling climate change', 'combatting child poverty' and 'challenging the cost of living crisis'.

Download the CILIPS Research Fund application form.

New for 2022, the CILIPS Research Fund offers a unique opportunity to support research that contributes to Library and Information Sector advocacy in Scotland.

The Fund was launched at our 2022 Annual Conference and makes available up to £10,000 per year in funding for researchers, practitioners, activists, students and other interested professionals whose work seeks to advance library advocacy.

Examples of research outputs would include conference papers, journal articles, masters or doctoral research and infographics. The intention will be to fully or part fund research that would directly support CILIPS in our aim to highlight the value of library and information services to key national priorities such as tackling the cost of living crisis, child poverty and climate change.

The call for applications is open from 7th June – 1st November 2022. Please see below for the full application criteria, then email your completed application form (with your letter from a supporting organisation) to


  • The lead applicant must be a CILIPS member and applications are welcome from both individuals and larger groups.
  • Your application must include a letter of support from a relevant supporting organisation, such as a university or library service.
  • Applications must include a clear proposed timescale for completion, although this can be flexible according to arrangements with CILIPS.
  • Part funding of a piece of research is possible, including for aspects such as marketing or infographics. Applications should make clear the source(s) of any additional research funding, and whether this funding is applied for or confirmed.
  • A clear dissemination plan must be included in your application – e.g. your plans to share your findings at events or through infographics. All successful funding bids will involve a blog write up for the CILIPS website and a presentation at a CILIPS event.


  • Applications will be assessed by the CILIPS Finance and Staffing Committee, plus an active researcher from a LIS school.
  • A key criteria for assessment will be that the research proposed makes a clear contribution to library advocacy, and in particular to our key advocacy themes for the coming year. For 2022-23, our priorities are how libraries can help to tackle the cost of living crisis, child poverty and climate change.


  • If successful, 70% of the funding applied for will be given up front and the rest paid on completion of an interim report, unless an alternative arrangement is agreed with CILIPS.
  • Evidence of how funding has been used and updates on research progress will be provided to the CILIPS Board at pre-agreed times.
  • As part of the funding process, CILIPS will offer all applicants training in advocacy best practice and in using Canva for creating research infographics.

Download the CILIPS Research Fund application form.

For further information or to discuss any accessibility requirements that are relevant to your application, please contact us at

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