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Emerging Leaders – Resource Collection

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Throughout 2022 and beyond, CILIP Scotland will be championing the Emerging Leaders of our incredible sector: celebrating the diverse talents they bring to Scotland’s libraries and the dynamic ways in which they are shaping the future of information and knowledge.

Below, we have gathered together a collection of helpful career resources – if you have any questions or would like to suggest something else you’d love to see as part of this page, please get in touch at

Starting Out and Stepping Up

  • CILIPS Students & New Professionals have compiled this comprehensive list of helpful websites, webinars and much more to help newcomers from any career path to develop their understanding of our profession, including where current vacancies can be found.
  • The CILIPS Online Learning webspace contains many webinar recordings to support your career. Check out Jade Koekoe’s ‘Being Online as a Library Professional Today’ from our 2021 Annual Conference, ‘Hosting Successful Online Training’ with Katie Edwards from NHS Education for Scotland, Ania Matuszewska’s ‘Information Professionals Can Wear Many Hats’ Employability Workshop and many more.
  • Interested in what life would be like in another area of our sector? The CILIPS ‘Meet our Members’ blog is the perfect place to connect with some stars of our profession and discover more about what different library and information roles entail. New submissions always welcome!
  • The CILIP Careers Hub is a terrific toolkit, whatever professional stage you are at or aspire to. Here are just a few of our favourite resources:
    • CVs – do you know the difference between a reverse chronological and a skills based CV, or why it is often worth tweaking your language to include key words from the job description you’re applying for? This article is just what you need to shine from the very first step. Remember too that every level of Professional Registration includes an annotated CV, so if you’re undertaking Certification, Chartership or Fellowship, you’re already off to a fantastic start!
    • Interviews – defining and differentiating between competency based and strengths based interviews, with specific tips for interviews taking place online, this succinct yet informative article is a must-read for all library professionals preparing for the interview process. It includes everything from tips on research you can do beforehand (looking at you, LinkedIn) to ideas for questions you might wish to ask your interviewers if invited to do so.
    • Job Roles – in such a diverse and dynamic sector, there are unexpected opportunities on offer across libraries, archives, knowledge and information management, and data science – click to find vital information about the amazing array of roles that are out there.
  • CILIPS are seeking to support the creation of library apprenticeships in Scotland: diversifying entry routes into our profession and ensuring that more avenues of progress are made possible for new library and information professionals. Agree? Then we’d love to hear from you: share your organisation’s support here and help us demonstrate what we believe is strong demand amongst key employers in Scotland’s LIS landscape for the creation of library apprenticeships.

Application Advice – Three Top Tips from CILIPS

  • Haute Couture – even if you’re not a fashion fan, be sure to always tailor your application covering letter and CV to the role you are applying for. Not only is it a much more respectful and professional strategy, but as CILIP point out in their CV advice, employers with high numbers of applicants may use tracking systems to filter through initial applications, prioritising those that include keywords from the job description. Either way, demonstrating (show, don’t just tell!) that you meet their requirements is the surest path to success. And if that sounds daunting…
  • As Ania Matuszewska highlighted in her fantastic employability session, library and information professionals often sell ourselves short when it comes to showcasing our many, varied skills. If you’re new to the profession or looking to pivot to a new area of the sector, you may not always have direct experience of a competency in your current role – but what about voluntary work, past positions or perhaps even in your personal life? Being a member of a CILIPS committee shows skills in leadership, strategic planning, social media management and event organisation (to name but four!).
  • We say it often because it’s true: Professional Registration is the single best step you can take to develop your skills and show commitment to your career. Discover more about the process, read CILIPS Membership Officer Kirsten’s blog post about the power of professional registration and watch CILIPS SNPC’s inspiring and illuminating recent event: All About Professional Registration. All CILIP members are also very welcome to attend our upcoming Getting Started with Professional Registration webinar on 7th March 2022, featuring the CILIP Scotland Professional Registration Support Officers who will update us on recent changes to the process and highlight why Professional Registration can be the most powerful journey you will take in your LIS career.

Opportunities for All

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