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New Voices

New Voices gives current, or recently graduated, LIS students and new career professionals the chance to share their perspectives. The aim is to create a space where those new to the profession can connect with and support each other through sharing experiences and advice. View all New Voices submissions.

New Voices is run by the CILIPS Students & New Professionals Community and there are two different options for submitting blogs.

Firstly, we are keen to share some case study-type blogs that highlight the journey of new professionals in Scotland so far. Download our case study prompts to help you structure your blog – there is a prompt for students and a prompt for new professionals, as well as a prompt for our 2020-2021 Student Year in Review which aims to outline the various experiences of learning during an unprecedented pandemic.

Alternatively, we are happy to receive 300-600 word long blogs on any topic relevant to early career professionals that interests you. See below for some suggestions to get you started:

  • Student placement experiences
  • Advice for managing the heavy workload of an LIS course
  • Doing an ILS course as an online/distance learner
  • Advice on networking/getting to know people in the field
  • Advice on looking for a job
  • Your experience of starting your first post
  • Graduate traineeship experiences
  • Your experience of/advice for moving away for a new job
  • Your experience of/advice for moving to Scotland to start an LIS course or new job

If you are interested in submitting either type of blog, we would love to hear from you. Email with your submission or if you would like any more information. Alternatively, you can DM us on Twitter @CILIPS_SNPC.

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