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COVID-19 – Information and Resources

The Scottish Government has published guidance for all workplaces and businesses, supporting them to reduce the risk of COVID-19, which you can access here (last updated 12th January 2023). Central guidance has also been published on how to stay safe and protect others, which you can access here (last updated 6th January 2023).

Please note that the above guidance replaces the earlier public libraries safer workplaces guidance, which has been archived.

  • Specific guidance for universities, colleges and community learning spaces that may be helpful for our Further Education and Higher Education library professionals is available here (last updated 22nd June 2022).
  • Guidance on reducing the risks of COVID-19 in schools that may be beneficial for our School Librarians is available here (last updated 2nd September 2022).

Don’t forget that CILIPS continues to offer a diverse array of resources to support you, both online and in-person. Why not visit our extensive Online Learning collection or our Upcoming Events page? We will also continue to update our Looking After Your Physical and Mental Health resource bank, and you are very welcome to send us suggestions for what you would like to see next as part of the collection.

CILIPS is here to support you, whatever your circumstances or area of the sector. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us here at The CILIP Benevolent Fund also exists to help CILIP (LA/IIS) colleagues and their families who are facing unexpected financial difficulties, with an emergency interim policy agreed to ensure the Fund is able to maximise the support available to CILIP members during COVID-19.


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