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Updates on Apprenticeships in Scotland

The CILIP Scotland logo with white letters in a blue rectangle and text reading 'Scotland's Library and Information Professionals'.

In recent years, a variety of Apprenticeship standards linked to libraries and information have been set up in England by our affiliate body CILIP. Members are in touch regularly to ask what has been done in Scotland and this page aims to offer more information.

In Scotland, the system is different, and is administered by Skills Development Scotland (SDS). Therefore the standard in England cannot be automatically replicated and a separate application process is required.

It was advised that, in order to set up a standard in Scotland, we should first evidence support for it in the sector and this can still be done via this form. Currently the level of support is not at a level where SDS would consider setting up a new apprenticeship: partly because changes to the current system are being made. Therefore, we have been encouraged to instead apply for a library specific version of the existing customer service apprenticeship.

We have submitted our initial enquiry for this and SDS have confirmed that this request will be part of their phased approach to reviewing apprenticeships in 2022/23 and they will liaise with the us and the wider sector as part of that. Any further updates will be posted here as soon as we receive them.

As CILIP Scotland are only a team of two people and the development of a standard will require significant input, we need to manage expectations over our ability to get this set up quickly, but we will continue to work on this as much as possible.

In the meantime, we would also highlight the world-leading opportunities for continuing professional development that are offered by CILIP Professional Registration, with Certification in particular providing key recognition of the knowledge and skills you have developed if you are near the start of your library career. Please click here to read CILIPS Membership Officer Kirsten’s blog on the transformational impact that Certification had on her own professional journey.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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