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CILIP and CILIP in Scotland strengthen support for members in Scotland

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CILIP headquarters Ridgmount St

The Trustee Boards of CILIP and CILIP in Scotland have unanimously approved a new Partnership Agreement which further strengthens support for CILIP members in Scotland. The Agreement also coincides with the news of significant growth in membership numbers in Scotland.

The Partnership Agreement, which replaces the earlier ‘Service Level Agreement’, sets out shared ambitions for the Scottish knowledge, information and library profession with a focus on delivering impact, professional support and value for money for members.

Welcoming the Agreement, CILIP in Scotland President Cleo Jones commented, “This new Partnership Agreement represents a landmark in the ongoing collaboration between CILIP and CILIPS. It sets out how we, as a partnership of equals, can play to our respective strengths in order to achieve more for our vibrant and growing membership community in Scotland. In my role as CILIPS President, I have seen first-hand the difference that we can make as a strong and united professional community. I look forward to working with our colleagues across the rest of the UK to further strengthen our partnership.”

CILIP President Paul Corney added, “I am delighted to welcome this new Partnership Agreement between CILIP and CILIP in Scotland. I believe that our ‘Four Nations’ approach is one of our greatest strengths, combining UK-wide advocacy with representation tailored to the unique circumstances of our members in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is particularly important that this Agreement focuses on outcomes – giving CILIP and CILIPS the flexibility and agility to respond to members’ needs as they develop.”

The Partnership Agreement will run in perpetuity, with an annual opportunity to review outcomes and identify new priorities. Access a copy of the Agreement.

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