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#CILIPSGoGreen x Glasgow Seed Library

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From now until November when COP26 arrives in Glasgow, CILIPS will be sharing videos, links, recommended readings and much more for members who want to grow their organisation’s environmental consciousness – recognising the key role that libraries can play in inspiring their communities to take vital climate action. We’re delighted that our first #CILIPSGoGreen video features an in-depth interview with Rowan Lear and Bobbie Winter-Burke from Glasgow Seed Library: sharing incredible insights into the project, its powerful social and environmental impact, and how CILIPS members can harness that inspiration to the benefit of their library communities. Thank you Rowan and Bobbie for this fascinating glimpse into all that Glasgow Seed Library has and continues to achieve – keep a close eye on the CILIPS newsletter and events calendar where we will share some exciting GSL events coming soon!

The full recording of our interview can be found here. Please see below for a rough breakdown of our question timings, so you can continue to consult it as your own library growing initiatives take root:

0:20 What is Glasgow Seed Library and what inspired you both to become involved?

4:14 In Seed Library terminology, people ‘borrow’ seeds and are able to access/share information about growing them – is the nature of it being a ‘library’ and the reciprocity that goes with that very important to what the project hopes to achieve?

10:15 We’ve mentioned the pandemic and the need for Glasgow Seed Library to go online during that time – although localism is key to the work you do, did going online bring positives as well as challenges?

14:12 Practically, who makes up Glasgow Seed Library – paid staff, volunteers, different funding sources?

18:30 If any CILIPS members want to get in touch to become involved/set up their own Seed Library, what would your advice be?

21:50 Book recommendations!

  • The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
  • Back Garden Seed Saving: Keeping Our Vegetable Heritage Alive by Sue Stickland

24:00 Touching on inclusivity, how do you negotiate the balance (as all libraries must) between empowering people and offering support when they need it?

29:10 Do you have any particular plans to mark COP26?

30:40 What is one top tip or good place to start for anyone wanting to get started with seed growing/contributing to sustainability more generally?

Thank you again to Rowan, Bobbie and all at Glasgow Seed Library for sharing your time and ideas with us. Let’s get seed saving, CILIPS!

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