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Online Interview Tips by Abbey Bowerman

Category: New Voices

This New Voices blog was written by Abbey Bowerman, a current ILS student at the University of Strathclyde and CILIPS Students & New Professionals Community committee member.

Image by VIN JD from Pixabay

Due to Covid-19 we have found ourselves working, studying, and socializing online. However, that is not the only transition for some of us. A new wave of information professionals is nearing graduation and looking for jobs. The hiring process has also had to adapt to an online environment, meaning that many of us are having to interview online via video conferencing. This added unknown element can make the interview process seem even more daunting than usual, but here are some tips that can make an online interview work to your advantage:

1) Make yourself comfortable – A benefit of online interviews is that it is easier to hide your nerves. Take comfort in the fact that the person who is interviewing you is less likely to be able to tell if you’re nervous through video chat! A great thing about interviewing from your own home is that you can completely control your environment. Think of some small things that you find comforting to add (off-camera!) to your interview, such as wearing fluffy socks, having a mug of your favourite tea next to you, or lighting a nice smelling candle nearby.

2) Use notes – Unlike you, the person on the other end of the camera can only see a small section of your room. Use this to your advantage and set up some notes behind your computer to help you. Having some names you want to remember, questions, or some points to bring up will give you a sense of reassurance, even if you don’t end up using them! Remember to look at the camera and stay engaged, but some notes can help give you a boost.

3) Get glowing! – You don’t need fancy lighting equipment to present yourself well for an interview. Open that window! Have a bedside lamp? Bring it over to your desk! Small things like that can brighten up your environment and show off your facial features better so the interviewer can tell that you’re engaged.

4) It takes a village – If you’ve got flat mates and/or live in student accommodation, make sure those around you know that you’ve got an interview happening. That way they can make sure not to do any fire alarm tests or singing in the kitchen during that time. It will bring peace of mind for you too.

While online interviews in the middle of a pandemic aren’t ideal, you can turn an online interview into a benefit for you. Have you got any tips? Share them with us on Twitter @CILIPS_SNPC!

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