CILIPS Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland
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Join our Board

We recently shared a call for new Trustees and a Vice-President. Please click here for more information.

CILIP in Scotland is the Scottish arm of CILIP, the leading professional body for library and information staff.  We want to recruit trustees from CILIP membership who can help direct our organisation towards achieving its mission and ensure the organisation is well managed.  You  need to be able to make a time commitment to CILIPS; have strategic vision; independent judgement, an ability to think creatively and a willingness to speak your mind.  Trustees need to have a strong belief in the value of libraries and the skills of the information professional and be prepared to act as advocates for the library profession.

A full role description for the role of Trustee is on the right hand side of this page.

In order to carry your responsibilities as a trustee you should be:

  • In membership of CILIP;
  • Committed to the purpose, objects and values of CILIP in Scotland;
  • Constructive about other trustees’ opinions in discussions ( and in response to contributions by staff members at meetings);
  • Able to act reasonably and responsibly when undertaking such duties and performing tasks;
  • Able to maintain confidentiality on sensitive and confidential information;
  • Supportive of the values of (and ethics) of the organisation;
  • Understand the importance and purpose of meetings, and be committed to preparing for them adequately and attending them regularly.


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