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Case Study on ‘S1 Library Skills Course’ – Kilmarnock Academy

The following case study was provided by Valerie Black, School Librarian, Kilmarnock Academy

Each year I run a course of library skills lessons for S1 pupils during their first term. The lessons cover how to find fiction books, how to use the Dewey system to find non fiction books, how to use books for information, effective internet search skills and how to evaluate online information. At the end of each lesson, pupils take part in an activity to practise the skill we have been focussing on. The final part of the course requires pupils to produce a PowerPoint on a topic to showcase all the new skills they have learned. Pupils go on to make use of their research skills for class work throughout the year – for example researching for talks in English or exploring Science topics.

This library induction is designed to involve not just the English department, but several other departments across the school such as Science, I.T., and Social Subjects. The aim is to encourage our pupils to associate the library with research that they do in all subjects – this is of benefit as they move through school and are required to carry out more and more independent research.

 M Fullerton – Teacher of English

I really enjoyed doing these lessons with my S1. They gave a clear framework for tackling a research project and I found it very helpful when subsequently doing my own research project with them to be able to reference what they had done in Library Skills, thus building on prior learning and consolidating their learning.       .

Pupil Feedback

I feel better using the computers for information.

I will use my new skills in all of the subjects that I need to study.

I enjoyed all the games and tasks we did.

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