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Key Facts – Why #LibrariesMatter

Here are some of the reasons why libraries and librarians should be supported to ensure they are the driving forces in our communities (facts correct at 2017):

Public Libraries are popular.

50% of the country use them and they welcome 28 million visits a year – 14 times more than Scotland’s top level professional football matches. 20 million books are borrowed every year, more than are sold.

Public Libraries offer excellent value. 

Research shows that there is an up to £8 annual return on investment per user for every £1 spent per head of population.

Public Libraries are award winning and offer life changing projects.

Libraries realise valuable outcomes through projects and partnerships such as ‘Appiness’ and ‘Macmillian in libraries’

Public Libraries are essential community assets

They support digital inclusion and improve digital skills, vital for the 20% of people in Scotland who do not have access to the internet.

School Libraries contribute to raising attainment.

Research has shown that professionally staffed libraries help pupils achieve higher exam scores.

School Libraries help develop literacy.

Reading for pleasure is more important to a child’s educational achievement than their family’s wealth or social class.

School Librarians are undervalued.

Pupil numbers have increased by 6,707 since 2010 but cuts have left only 11 out of 32 local authorities with a full time qualified librarian in every secondary school.

School Librarians introduce pupils to information and digital literacy.

Projects such as Elgin Academy’s Nibbles and Bytes Café can be a bridge between school and further or higher education and employment.

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