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Council Manifestos – Who mentions libraries?

In the lead up to the local government election on May 4th 2017, the various political parties released manifestos. Here is a guide to what they said that may relate to public and school libraries:


Scottish Conservatives – Their manifesto does not mention libraries but call for a “thorough, independent review of the funding mechanism for local government” and “are clear that we need to ensure that basic literacy and numeracy and fact-based learning are at the centre of the curriculum in order to ensure that all pupils have the necessary skills for further learning and employment.”

Scottish Greens – Their manifesto includes: “People and communities connect through council services such as libraries, swimming pools and sport facilities. Events including festivals and gala days help us celebrate our local area and identity – and many are supported by public funds. Green councillors will work to protect libraries. Libraries are more than books, they can be community hubs connecting people to the internet, providing space for community meeting and events, and adult education for lifelong learning”

Scottish Labour – Their manifesto states “We…believe that local libraries are places of inspiration, knowledge and enrichment for children and the wider community. They are an important focus for learning and we want to protect them from the threat of closure and help them to modernise with new technology and web-based learning. We will ask schools to partner with local libraries to give every child a chance to become a member and benefit from the library environment. In the face of billions of pounds of cuts, Labour councils have prioritised and invested in our children and their education.”

Scottish Liberal Democrats – Their manifesto promises to “Decentralise more powers to schools, working with parents, to take decisions over the mix of staff, ethos and local priorities, particularly through our Pupil Premium proposals to give extra support to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We oppose both the Tory free-for-all proposals and the SNP plan for regionalisation of education, and support the continued role of local authorities to set standards and strategy, and provide supporting services”.

They also want to “Use the power of councils to bring different services and public and voluntary sector agencies together to develop Shared Service Hubs using halls, libraries, advice centres, post offices and café facilities as appropriate”

Scottish National Party – Their manifesto states that the SNP will “ensure there are sufficient library services in schools and communities to champion a love of reading.”

The SNP have also released a number of local manifestos so please check with your local SNP website.

The SNP in Edinburgh have committed that they will “protect Edinburgh libraries and develop their role within the community. The SNP has never closed a library and never will. Over the next 5 years we will develop the ‘hub’ model that places libraries at the centre of local communities.” The SNP in Glasgow state that “We want to provide the best local community facilities and resources and we are committed to making sure that every local area has access to a new or refurbished community facility. Local community centre, libraries, schools and halls will become cultural hubs to play, learn and create in communities.” The SNP in Moray will aim to “foster the use of libraries.” This SNP candidate in Argyll and Bute has also backed school librarians.

Scottish Socialist Party – The SSP were in touch to advise us that “The SSP supports the Save Scotland’s School Libraries and CILIPS Libraries Matter campaigns and we will include in our manifesto the policy that every secondary school in Scotland should have a well-resourced library staffed by a full-time professionally qualified school librarian.”

Is there another manifesto you think we should add here? Please contact us and let us know.

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