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Anna (Ania) Moroń, University of the West of Scotland

Category: Meet our Members

This blog is part of our Meet our Members series, focusing on different members and their jobs and careers. If you would like to write one, please e mail us at

Who am I?

I am #Librarian, #InformationProfessional, #Educator, #Reader, #Buchling
and #NaturalBornFixer!

I believe, that worlds without movies would be impossible in perception, and without books would not exist at all.

You can find me on Twitter – @moron_anna.

My Career

Once upon a time there was a very curious girl. She lived in a big city in a shadow of the Moon. She always wanted to be many things – a book for example… She used to spend long hours on talking with people, animals and plants. These awesome conversations flooded her mind with imagination and ideas for the future. Suddenly something amazing happened – she entered libraries world and undertook a journey…

2004 is the year when my professional adventure with libraries, teaching, technology and information literacy began.

I started my career as a school librarian and a teacher of information technology
at a secondary school, then kept switching between higher education and special libraries sector and between countries – Poland, England and finally Scotland!

No matter the sector, no matter the country, I love the buzz of supporting people, looking for answers, finding solutions, sharing knowledge and learning new things.

I work for the University of the West of Scotland. I am in a professional post – Liaison Librarian for the School of Business and Enterprise with responsibility for support and guidance of students and staff, communication with the School, collaboration with other professional services, research support, teaching support for all levels of study, collection development and subject expertise.

No one accomplishes anything all alone and my motivation comes from working with people I care about and I do care about my work colleagues – liaison librarians at UWS. We act as a link between UWS Library and schools, staff, and students. We are experts on everything library related. We support and respond to the learning, teaching and research needs of the University and help its members dream, believe and achieve their academic goals through the provision of high quality, innovative and user-focused library services informed by policies that are clear, fair and transparent.

I always look for opportunities for professional growth. Sometimes it is difficult for academic librarians to seek advice and opportunities to grow as teachers. We are not academics, therefore classed as professional member of staff, therefore we do not need to know about teaching! I am very self-motivated in this matter and plan my CPD very carefully always thinking about information literacy, students, teaching and wider higher education context.

I am very lucky! I found something I love doing and I do it with gusto.

Every day I find true meaning, contentment and passion in my life. I try to navigate through difficult times and come out with greater strength and smile.

I hope to learn more and I am never done growing…

I believe that I have the ambition to lean in to my career, go all the way to the top and run the world!

My Inspirations

Please have a look at my very personal poster – ‘Ania’s Inspirations’, check hidden links and get inspired!

My Motto

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. (Jorge Luis Borges)