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A Library Google Classroom – Ardrossan Academy

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We regularly showcase an activity or project that furthers one of the strategic aims of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools (VLTS): A National Strategy for School Libraries 2018 – 2023. Here, school librarian Linda Vaughan tells us more about the different ways she used Google Classroom over the last academic year. 


 Linda Vaughan 


 Ardrossan Academy 


 Library Google Classroom 

 Furthering Strategic Aim: 

 2: Information, Digital Literacy and Digital Creativity 

 Relevant HGIOSL Quality Indicators: 

 2.3 Learning, Teaching and Assessment 

 3.1 Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion 

 3.2 Raising Attainment and Achievement 


Lockdown had a huge impact on the way libraries worked – more emphasis on electronic communications, eBooks and so on. In Ardrossan, I took the opportunity to learn how to use Google Classroom since this was the way all pupils would interact with teachers during lockdown. I found it relatively straightforward and intuitive to use. 

 Library Google Classroom 

I set up a Library Google Classroom to create some activities and quizzes as optional extension work for pupils who had completed class work. This was especially useful for those who were in our Hub. The activities included watching a video on 10 important reasons for reading (and then deciding which was most persuasive) and a genres quiz. 

I also used the Library Google Classroom to gain submissions for the North Ayrshire Learning Community Librarians’ newsletter Vibrant. Pupils sent in acrostic poems; which questions they would ask their favourite character (and the answers they might give); short stories; recipes; and book recommendations. I had great fun reading the submissions and it helped me keep in touch with the pupils because I could mark and send comments to them. 

The noticeboard is another great feature in Google Classroom. This is the front page where you make announcements to the whole class. I used this to promote my World Book Day competitions, where pupils uploaded photos (reading in a weird place, characters as you imagine them, redesigned book covers). This made it easy to judge and then share the names of the winners. 

For Burns Night, I used the Google Forms feature to create a quiz – and learned from my mistake! This competition had short answers i.e. type in the answer. This meant I needed to mark each entry manually. In the next competition for Harry Potter Night, I used the multi-choice feature so I could have it automatically marked – so much easier! 


The Library Google classroom was well-used, and its success led to me starting a Book Club one to keep in touch with members and hold online meetings. 


As the pupils were used to using Google classroom, they were keen to use the Library ones. It meant I could continue to communicate with them whilst in lockdown and keep the Library competitions and activities going even outside the traditional Library periods. The teachers were very good at pointing pupils to the Library Google classroom and communication with them each time a new activity or competition was launched meant I was covering all bases.  

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