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#LibrariesAreEssential Policy Responses – the Scottish Conservatives

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As part of our #LibrariesAreEssential – Scotland’s Stories campaign in the run-up to the May 2022 local government elections, we asked the main parties standing for election in Scotland to answer a short series of questions about how their policies meet the needs of Scotland’s libraries and librarians. Below are the responses we received from the Scottish Conservatives.

  • Would your successful councillors provide consistent funding to all libraries to ensure they can continue to support education, digital and information literacy, health and wellbeing, economic wellbeing and access to information?
  • How would you empower libraries to deliver the new National Strategy for Public Libraries and to ensure that quality library services are a key part of future community planning?
  • Would you ensure that school libraries are properly resourced so they can be key components of curriculum delivery and that all learners have access to a trained librarian?
  • Would you value and support libraries and information professionals in their vital role in combating misinformation, which is damaging society and eroding democracy?

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government, Miles Briggs said:

‘The Scottish Conservatives recognise that libraries are not just a place to borrow books, they are at the heart of local communities, and make a real difference to the daily lives of millions of Scots.

Free, high-quality public libraries are key to addressing so many of Scotland’s most pressing challenges – from the ever-widening attainment gap, to Scotland’s growing digital skills needs, to our cultural recovery from the pandemic.

Demand for public libraries has grown over the past 10 years, yet years of SNP underfunding and out-of-control ring-fencing from the SNP have eroded the ability of local councils’ to deliver the essential services their communities really need.

The Scottish Conservatives are committed to keeping libraries and other vital public services open in your local area.

We are the only party that is ready to stand up for your local priorities and take action on the issues that Scots really care about – such as restoring local library services.’

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