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#LibrariesAreEssential Policy Responses – the Scottish Greens

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As part of our #LibrariesAreEssential – Scotland’s Stories campaign in the run-up to the May 2022 local government elections, we asked the main parties standing for election in Scotland to answer a short series of questions about how their policies meet the needs of Scotland’s libraries and librarians. Below are the responses we received from the Scottish Greens.

  • Would your successful councillors provide consistent funding to all libraries to ensure they can continue to support education, digital and information literacy, health and wellbeing, economic wellbeing and access to information?
  • How would you empower libraries to deliver the new National Strategy for Public Libraries and to ensure that quality library services are a key part of future community planning?
  • Would you ensure that school libraries are properly resourced so they can be key components of curriculum delivery and that all learners have access to a trained librarian?
  • Would you value and support libraries and information professionals in their vital role in combating misinformation, which is damaging society and eroding democracy?

Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren, Campaign Manager for the Scottish Greens, said:

‘Libraries play a vital role in many of our communities, from providing free access to information and entertainment to sign posting essential services and hosting community groups for all ages. Scottish Green councillors have stood up for libraries in their local communities, including supporting vital community-led campaigns to reopen Glasgow’s libraries and other cultural venues (see more here).

We agree that consistent funding for libraries is essential to secure the key services libraries offer. Green candidates across the country have sign up to a manifesto commitment to ‘work to protect libraries and support their role as community hubs and guarantee funding for libraries for the life of the council term and ensure no decisions are made to cut core library services without full consultation’. Scottish Green councillors will continue to prioritise local libraries as we have done in campaigning for the reopening of Glasgow Life libraries. Our MSPs will also continue their work to protect local government funding, building on the more than half a billion pounds they safeguarded in the 2016-21 session of Parliament.

We would also look to empower libraries by exploring their potential to act as climate action hubs in their communities – providing access to repair and skills training, recycling advice and tool sharing. This would ensure that libraries will have an important role in helping communities to adapt to the climate emergency and build a circular economy.

School libraries are another essential resource and Green councillors have committed to a manifesto pledge to ensure quality resources in all school libraries – including those that serve rural and island communities. Access to school libraries is vital for supporting children’s literacy and closing the attainment gap. As part of our cooperation agreement at national level the Scottish Greens are delivering funding for at least five hundred additional support staff posts in our schools. Whilst it is up to local authorities which posts they create with this funding, Green councillors will certainly support the restoration of librarian positions lost due to previous rounds of budget cuts.

Scottish Greens welcome the proposals in Scotland’s Public Library Strategy to encourage active citizenship, by running media and data literacy awareness campaigns to help tackle misinformation and provide important spaces for public debate. This aligns strongly with our own manifesto commitments last year on tackling misinformation.

We will be happy to share the #LibrariesAreEssential campaign and pledges with our candidates across the country.’

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