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Advocacy for School Libraries and Librarians

As part of CILIPS’s continuing support for members in schools and school library services CILIPS Trustee Board agreed to set up a group to develop an advocacy strategy and associated activity aimed at promoting and highlighting the positive contribution school libraries and school librarians make in supporting the curricular and developmental needs of young people.

Our Advocacy Strategy

Our 2016 Project Plan


• Highlight the role of school librarians in supporting the development of literacy, learning, critical thinking and information and digital literacy skills;

• Collaborate with other agencies;

• Articulate an advocacy strategy as part of a wider aim to build a cooperative support network amongst relevant stakeholders;

• Create a web based information bank of support resources.



Previous work

  • Incorporated a main strand into our Autumn Gathering that promotes advocacy, research and good practice for school librarians;
  • Produced an Advocacy Strategy;
  • Made contact with various organisations such as Unison, EIS, Education Scotland and Young Scot to build support and hopefully create a wider advocacy network;
  • Carried out an audit of school librarianship in Scotland;
  • Responded to Consultations

The group are also looking to gather shared practice from active school librarians. To see how we are doing this please click here.

To contact the group please e mail:

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