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The Right Decision

NHS Scotland librarians providing evidence for the right decision, for the right person, at the right time

Focus of campaign

CILIP in Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland and Scottish Government eHealth jointly campaigned to raise awareness of the role of NHS Scotland librarians in ensuring that decisions in the healthcare sector are fully evidence-based, to deliver best value and improve quality in health and social care. The focus of the campaign is closely linked to that of the ‘A Million Decisions‘ campaign across England.

Online content

  • flyer with more information.
  • Find out more about the Knowledge Network, the digital knowledge management platform developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to support health and social care staff in Scotland.
  • View a bank of case studies evidencing how NHS librarians are contributing to better outcomes for service users in health and social care, undergraduate medical education, skills frameworks and more.
  • Read the guest blog about the campaign by Dr. Ann Wales, Programme Manager, Decision Support for the eHealth (Digital Health and Care) Strategy and Policy Team within the Scottish Government.
  • Access a range of supportive quotes from senior leaders.


Core Messages

Evidence based decision making, using the skills of qualified library, information and knowledge management professionals, supports and improves:

  • Shared decision making
  • The reduction of harm and waste
  • New models of care
  • Public health


  • Raise awareness among health and social care staff of the expert support NHS librarians can offer, and encourage them to make full use of this support.
  • Engage senior policy makers nationally and locally in appreciating the contribution that NHS librarians make to safe, effective, person-centred care and transformation of health and social care.
  • Build a bank of case studies which evidence the impact of the NHS librarian role  on health and social care practice and service delivery.
  • To campaign on social media via the hashtag #NHSSTheRightDecision

Strategy Drivers

The need for the campaign is evidenced in the following documents:

Realistic Medicine Report –

Clinical Strategy –

Delivery Plan for Health and Social Care

Annette Thain, Sean McNamara, Dr. Ann Wales and Paul Gray at campaign launch. Photo: @ehealthscotland Twitter

Paul Gray, Chief Executive of NHS Scotland, launched the campaign at the NHS Scotland Event on 20th June. The campaign will run to the end of September 2017.

“I am delighted to support ‘The Right Decision’ campaign. It affirms the key role that NHS librarians play in Realistic Medicine. They provide evidence that matters, when and where it is needed, to support professionals and citizens to work as partners,  improve quality, reduce harm, waste, and undue variation in care.”

Gregor Smith – Deputy Chief Medical Officer,  Scottish Government

See more supportive quotes from senior leaders



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