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Case Study – Supporting evidence based practice and management

Case study provided by Clare Scanlan, Knowledge Management Facilitator, NHS 24

Project outline:

During the Spring of 2016, I took part in the NHS Education for Scotland/Healthcare Improvement Scotland led “Evidence Search and Summary” training course, which helped me to develop my skills and confidence in evidence searching and synthesis. Shortly afterwards, I was asked to create an evidence summary of digital tools which NHS 24 could consider using to extend the range of services which it offers to the public to support Mental Health Services. Using the skills learned on the training course, I carried out an extensive search of electronic databases and produced a summary of the evidence which was presented to the Associate Director of Mental Health Services, Dr Donald McIntyre. He is currently exploring options to get the evidence summary published. Flowing on from this Mental Health project other evidence searching requests followed – for example, I will contribute evidence to support new approaches which might be explored to support the delivery of primary care services.

These projects have succeeded in raising awareness of the potential contribution of Knowledge Services to quality improvement work within NHS 24, and I have been asked to join a Quality Improvement Group which is led by the Head of Clinical Governance, aiming to ensure that research evidence is embedded in all their new projects. I am really enjoying this change in direction and am looking forward to the challenges it brings.

Quote from service user:

“What a great service – Clare really got our project off the ground, and her evidence summary puts our quality improvement project on a firm foundation”.

Quote from Gayle Baxter – Learning Infrastructure Manager:

“It’s a really positive step in the ongoing development of our Knowledge Services that Clare’s active engagement with key stakeholders has led to an understanding of, and appreciation for, the value of evidence when considering the implementation of new projects or service improvements.”

Further information:

If you need to contact me you can get me at

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