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#Library5 Day 2

Day 2 of #Library5 was dedicated to library and information workers. Library staff are absolutely vital to the services they work in and the passion they bring to their careers helps to make libraries as amazing as they are. So, this day was all about celebrating and showing appreciation to the brilliant library workers of Scotland and beyond.

  • National Library of Scotland (NLS) @ Kelvinhall shared a picture of their staff hard at work during  a ‘Getting Started Workshop’ where people learn how to use the Moving Image Archive. NLS Maps staff also put a lot of work into digitising maps so that they can be easily viewed online by the public. The main NLS account also shared an awesome thread about the staff members who work with digital collections. Also, check out the Digital Preservation Manager in charge of safeguarding the digital collections.
  • We loved that individual library staff shared some selfies. Here is Chris Wilson, E-services Librarian at CultureNL!
  • NHS Health Libraries are crucial services for NHS staff who need to access quality information to do their jobs. Of course, library workers are central to this. NHS Grampian share some of the jobs they do.
  • It was great to see CultureNL Libraries sharing an image of their Macmillan team, highlighted the range of services available in libraries and the different ways that people support their communities in libraries.
  • Lots of lovely pictures of University of Stirling Information Services Workers: hereherehere, and here
  • St. Hilda’s College also Tweeted several images of their library workers. See them hereherehere and here.
  • Maybe one of the funniest photos of the day, Shetland Library shared this fab pic of Library Workers during a Story Lab.
  • Some of the amazing staff of Edinburgh Napier Library! We have to say that we love the idea of a ‘volume of library staff’.
  • See the staff of Edinburgh Central Library hard at work here and here. The Edinburgh Libraries Twitter account also shared an old image of the Central Library’s Accession Department complete with busy workers. Followers shared some awesome feedback that highlights how crucial library staff are: here and here.
  • School librarians value the help of their pupil Library Workers – here is librarian Shelagh Toonen with two S5 helpers.
  • Stirling Libraries shared a picture of some of the staff who work at the Central Library. Also, introducing their new Mobile Library Officer!
  • Library workers are always available to help you!! It is a common belief that you will be ‘shushed’ in the library – West College Libraries show that outdated stereotype is not true…meet some of their library workers herehere and here.
  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork at the University of Strathclyde library.
  • Some of the lovely staff of Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • Library workers at the Scottish Poetry Library have many important roles. Here are librarians  Maria and Toni hiding in the stacks. Ross’ duties include running the shop and Rod dedicates his Saturday’s to ensuring the Library can open at the weekend.
  • A 1967 article shared by the University of Glasgow ASC which offers information on staff and student library workers at the University of Glasgow!
  • Some of the helpful staff at National Museums Scotland library do #Bookface for #Library5.
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