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The CILIPS22 logo, showing the Dundee waterfront, overlaid with the CILIPSGoGreen logo, a green, pink and yellow wildflower meadow

We know that Scotland’s library and information professionals care deeply about sustainability, as evidenced by the success of our COP26-inspired campaign and resource collection #CILIPSGoGreen. Here are some of the steps we’re taking to lessen the environmental impact of our upcoming Annual Conference and how you can help:

  • We’ve used two carbon calculators – one for individuals from the World Wildlife Fund and one for GLAM sector organisations from the Gallery Climate Coalition – to evaluate the likely carbon impact of various conference components. For example…
  • If 150 conference delegates all attend by car, the carbon impact will be at least 13.5tCO2e. If those 150 delegates purchase a train ticket instead, the impact equates to 0.26 tCO2e, just 2% of the car travel carbon cost. If your circumstances and access requirements allow, please travel sustainably to and from #CILIPS22 and help us to lessen its collective environmental impact.
  • Printing a low-weight paper item like our conference programme 200 times results in 0.02 tCO2e. A small number, certainly, but every sustainable step helps! A ‘digital first’ strategy will ensure there are still paper programme copies for everyone who wants or needs one, while delegates who prefer to keep things digital will receive an emailed PDF version in advance (a QR code at the welcome desk will also let you download it on the day).
  • Whether at work or at home, carbon footprints are reduced by vegan/vegetarian locally produced food and increased by takeaways, imported items and high levels of food waste. While we won’t be featuring a fully carbon neutral menu, we have liaised with the Dundee Apex Hotel to ensure that a reduced food waste strategy is in place for the conference.

We look forward to welcoming our delegates in Dundee and working together to make CILIPS22 as sustainable as it is inspirational!

For more on our environmental goals, please see the CILIP Scotland Carbon Neutrality Plan 2022 or download our template version to customize with actions that are specific to your own library or organisation.

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