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CILIP in Scotland is governed by a Board of Trustees and these are elected by members in Scotland. Details of the Trustee Board can be viewed here:

CILIP in Scotland are a registered charity and the details of this are here.

The Director of CILIPS is responsible for advising and assisting Council and the Trustee Board with the formulation and execution of CILIP policy as it relates to CILIP in Scotland. The Chief Executive of CILIP, acts as the liaison officer to CILIP in Scotland and can attend Board meetings as an observer. 

For more information about CILIPS' governance procedures, please see the rules and regulations.

Trustee Board

Members of the Trustee Board are also charity trustees for CILIP in Scotland and have additional duties and responsibilities as laid out by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). 

The Board has a remit to:

  • formulate and keep under review the general policy of CILIP in Scotland;
  • co-ordinate policy issues referred to it;
  • undertake responsibility for the financial management of CILIPS; and
  • deal with internal issues of CILIPS including constitutional issues;

The affairs of CILIPS are managed by the Trustee Board. The Board  comprises:

  • President 
  • Immediate Past-President 
  • Vice-President 
  • Honorary Treasurer 
  • 12 elected Trustees of which are 
  • 9 Trustees directly elected by CILIPS members;and 
  • 3 Trustees elected by the Consultative Council from its membership. 

Trustee Role Description

Vice President and President Role Description

Honorary Treasurer Role Description

Meet our Trustees

How to become a Trustee

CILIPS Consultative Council

CILIPS Consultative Council meets two times each year to  help develop CILIPS’ policy, to advise on operational issues and to provide a discussion forum for Branches and Groups.

The Council is constituted as follows:

  • President of CILIPS; 
  • Immediate Past-President – who chairs the meetings; 
  • Vice-President; 
  • Honorary Treasurer; 
  • 1 representative of each active branch in Scotland; 
  • 1 representative of each CILIP group with an active committee in Scotland; 

Council Meetings

Members can raise issues/matters of concern by asking the Director to place an item on the Consultative Council agenda. It is also possible to raise items of urgent business at Council under AOCB. Council agendas have a standing item "Branch and Group Issues" to allow representatives the opportunity to bring particular issues to the attention of Council. Branch representatives are also expected to provide a report at each Council meeting on recent activities. 

All minutes will be made available online here.

Calendar of Council and Committee Meetings

The list of meeting dates for can be found here.


The AGM is held in June during the CILIPS Annual Conference and:

  • receives and considers the CILIPS Annual Report;
  • provides an opportunity for members to raise issues and questions about CILIPS on the agenda by advance notification.

Task and Finish Groups

These are ad hoc single item project groups drawn from Council and wider membership. From time to time Council may delegate certain deliberations or projects, especially those requiring more detailed discussion, to a Task and Finish Group who report their conclusions to Council.