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Honorary Members

Head of CILIPS Sean McNamara presenting a certificate of Honorary Membership to Eleanor McKay MBE.

Head of CILIPS Sean McNamara presents Eleanor McKay MBE with her certificate of Honorary Membership, 2022.

Writer Kerry Hudson being presented her honorary member certificate by Head of CILIPS Sean McNamara.

Head of CILIPS Sean McNamara presents Kerry Hudson with her certificate of honorary membership, 2023.

Honorary membership is awarded by CILIPS for outstanding services to CILIPS, libraries, information services or the wider profession. It is an honorary title that does not replace membership of CILIPS. 

Why not nominate someone you think deserves it? Honorary Membership nominations are approved by our Board in March and then at our AGM in June and, if approved, awarded in October. Nominations for each year should be submitted by the last day in February – Click here to access the nomination form.

Only CILIPS members may offer nominations for this award but they can be given to both current members and non-members of CILIP.

The information on Honorary membership from 1914 to present was found using information compiled by Audrey Walker and from previous SLA and CILIPS newsletters.

1914 Sir John Y. W. MacAlister FSA, (London)

1921 G. M. Fraser JP (Aberdeen), Immediate Past President  

1921 A. H. Miller LL.D. (Dundee)

1923 Hew Morrison LL.D. (Edinburgh), Immediate Past President 

1924 Sir John Ross, LL.D. (Dunfermline)

1926 John Minto, MA (Edinburgh), Immediate Past President 

1928 Ryrie Orr, M.A., FEIS, JP (Greenock), Immediate Past President 

1929 Septimus A. Pitt (Glasgow), Immediate Past President 

1930 Frank C. NicholsonM.A. (Edinburgh) 

1930 Ernest A. Savage (Edinburgh), Immediate Past President 

1932 Edgar H. Parsons (Glasgow)

1935 Andrew B. Paterson, M.C. ALA (Paisley) 

1935 George W. Shirley (Dumfries), Immediate Past President 

1938 Robert Bain (Glasgow), Immediate Past President 

1940 Angus G. MacKay, FLA (Midlothian)

1941 James H. Stewart, ALA (Edinburgh)

1942 Alfred A. Ogilvie, ALA (Lanarkshire), Immediate Past President 

1945 Robert Butchart, FLA (Edinburgh)

1946 William E. C. Cotton, BA (Scottish Central Library for Students), Immediate Past President 

1949 Jean M. Allan, M.A., FLA (Reid Music Library, Edinburgh)

1950 Lauriston W. Sharp, MA, PhD. (Edinburgh), Immediate Past President 

1953 James W. Forsyth, FLA (Ayr), Immediate Past President 

1954 William Stewart, ALA, FRSA (Hamilton)

1955 Sir William Y. Darling, MP (Edinburgh)

1957 William B. Paton, OBE, MA, FLA (Lanarkshire), Immediate Past President 

1960 Alexander Dow, FLA (Coatbridge) 

1960 Charles S. Minto, FLA (Edinburgh), Immediate Past President 

1961 William Beattie, OBE, MA, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1963 Matthew C. Pottinger, DSC. JP, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1964 Richard Buchanan, JP, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1965 William Scobbie, OBE, JP, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1966 William R. Aitken, MA, PhD, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1967 R. Ogilvie MacKenzie, MA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1968 Marcus K. Milne, ALA, FSA Scot., Immediate Past President 

1970 Dugald MacArthur, MA, BSc, FLA

1971 William E. Tyler, MA, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1972 Walter McK. Murray, ALA 

1972 Robert S. Walker, MA, FLA

1973 David M. Lloyd, MA, Immediate Past President 

1974 Duncan M. Torbet, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1975 Elizabeth A. Liversidge, MBE, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1975 Alexander Law, OBE, MA, PhD

1976 William A. G. Alison, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1977 James Brindle, BSc, FLA

1977 Matthew W. Paton, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1977 James A. Tait, MA, MSc, FLA 

1977 Alan D. G. White, FLA, FBIM

1978 James T. Hamilton, MA, FLA 

1978 William J. Murison, OBE, MA, FLA, FLAI

1979 Peter Grant, MA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1980 William H. Brown, ERD, MSc, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1982 Hugh M. Dunn, CA

1982 Alex Howson, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1982 Malcolm MacDonald

1983 Michael C. Head, MA, BA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1983 Mary Baxter, OBE

1984 Alice A. MacKenzie, FLA 

1984 J. Michael Smethurst, BA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1985 Andrew Miller, MA, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1986 Gavin N. Drummond, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1987 Tom Farries 

1987 Neil Toppin, JP, MA

1987 Brian Wilson, LL.D 

1987 James M. Orr, MA, FLA, Immediate Past President 

1989 Joseph D. Hendry, MA, FLA, FSA Scot., FBIM, Immediate Past President 

1990 A.R. McElroy, MA, MBA, FLA, MIInFSc, MBIM, Immediate Past President 

1992 Margaret Toppin, BA, ALA , Immediate Past President 

1992 Tom Valentine

1993 Brian D. Osborne, BA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1994 Joy Monteith, BA, ALA, FSA Scot, Immediate Past President 

1995 Walter Cairns OBE 

1995 Ellen Dickie, BA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1996 Baroness Carnegy of Lour, DL

1996 George Cunningham, BA, HonFLA

1996 Professor Douglas Dunn, BA, FRSI

1996 Sir Hector Munro, AE, DL, JP, FRAgS

1996 Peter Peacock, CBE 

1996 Ann Saunders, BA, ALA, MIMgt, Immediate Past President 

1997 Janey Buchan

1997 Lorraine Fannin, BA(Hons) DipEd

1997 John Hunter, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1997 Magnus Linklater

1997 Bruce Royan, BA, MBA, FLA

1998 William N. Bell, BA, ALA, Immediate Past President 

1998 Ann Matheson, OBE

1998 Alistair MacFarlane, CBE, PhD, DSc, MA, FIEE, FEng, FRS, FRSE

1998 John Young

1999 Dorothy Dunnett, OBS

1999 Jo Haythornwaite, BA, PhD, FIInfSC, FLA

1999 Ian McGowan, BA, Immediate Past President 

1999 Tessa Ransford, OBE, MA, RSA

2000 Theresa Breslin, ALA

2000 Elizabeth J. B. Knowles, MA, ALA, Immediate Past President

2000 Alan Reid, MA, ALA

2000 Frances Saline

2001 Mike Baughan

2001 Keith Fraser, BA, DMS, ALA

2001 Colin D. Will, PhD, BA, ALA, MIInfSc, Immediate Past President 

2002 Stuart James, BA, FRSA, FCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2002 Beverley Lynch

2002 Rosemary McKenna, CBE MP

2002 John O. Wastle

2003 Robert Craig, OBE, BA, MA, MCLIP, Hon. FCLIP

2003 Mary Lakie, MBA, MRPharms, NMCLIP

2003 Derek Law, MA, D.Univ, FCLIP, FKC, FRSE, Immediate Past President 

2003 Alex Mosson

2004 Chris Anderson

2004 G. Alastair Campbell, MA, BCom, MCLIPImmediate Past President 

2004 Margaret Kean, BA, MCLIP

2004 Alan Marchbank, MA, PHD

2005 Barry Cropper, MA, DipLib, MCLIP

2005 Don Martin, FCLIP

2005 Moira Methven, MCLIPImmediate Past President 

2005 Tom Wilson, OBE

2006 Rhona Brankin

2006 Alastair Johnston BA FSA(Scot) MCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2006 Alison Turriff BA MEd PhD FCLIP

2006 Frank Pignatelli OBE

2007 Dennis Nicholson MA hLLD(Hon) MCLIP FRSA

2007 Irene Brough

2007 Ivor Lloyd BA DipLib MLIB MCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2007 Stephanie Hoyle

2008 Audrey Walker BA MCLIP

2008 Christopher Phillips BA DipLib MCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2008 Gordon Dunsire BSc MCLIP

2008 Sue Selwyn

2009 Alan Hasson MA MBA DipLib MCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2009 Mairi Anderson

2009 Marion McLarty

2009 Michael Roberts

2010 Ian Rankin

2010 Alistair Campbell MA B.Com DipLib MCLIP

2010 Alex Linkston

2010 Chris Pinder  BA MLib FCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2010 Ian McDougall

2010 Jill Evans BA(Hons) DipMus DipLib MCLIP 

2010 Marilyn Milligan MA DipLib MCLIP

2011 Alan Reid MA MCLIP, Immediate Past President 

2011 Anne Harrison

2011 Christine May

2011 J.K Rowling

2013 Rosemary GoringRosemary Goring receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Audrey Sutton

Rosemary was born in Dunbar and studied social and economic history at the University of St. Andrews.  After graduation she worked in W&R Chambers as a reference editor before becoming the literary editor of Scotland on Sunday.  This was followed by a spell as editor of Life & Work, the Church of Scotland’s magazine, before returning to newspapers as literary editor of the Herald, and later also of the Sunday Herald.

Rosemary led the Literature Working Group which reported in February 2010.  The Group was set up to examine the provision for all areas of literature: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, journalism, children’s books, and to address the needs of publishers and literary magazines; and of festivals, libraries, and all bodies working to promote literature.

In 2007 she published Scotland: The Autobiography: 2000 Years of Scottish History By Those Who Saw It Happen, which has since been published in America and Russia.  In 2012, she addressed our annual Conference on the significance and centrality of reading at the heart of the library and is a vocal and well known supporter of the value of libraries.

2013 Anabel Marsh MA MCLIPAnabel Marsh receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Audrey Sutton

Anabel is a librarian at large since retiring from her post at Strathclyde’s Jordanhill Library.  Her career started in public libraries where she remained for 10 years before moving to the academic sector in 1990, specialising in early and primary education.  For many years Anabel was responsible for the Children’s Literature Collection at Jordanhill Campus Library until it closed in July 2012.

For much of her career Anabel has been involved with Scottish Academic Libraries Co-operative Group (SALCTG), which provides training courses tailored to the needs of the academic library community.  Since her retiral Anabel has found a new career as a speaker on library related topics and is lauded as the instigator of the Glasgow Library Tweet ups.  She gas organised many Glasgow based tweet ups which have become well supported and popular events in the library calendar.  She is also responsible for bringing the first libcamp to Glasgow later this month and this ‘sold out’ very quickly and we applaud her drive and initiative in also finding time to be a volunteer at Glasgow Women’s Library too!

2013 Kathy Penfold BA MCLIP

Kathy’s expertise lies in cataloguing and classification and she is a longstanding member of the Cataloguing and Indexing Group Scotland.  In this role she has served as a representative on CILIPS Council for many years.  During that time she has seen many changes and faced many challenges but has never been afraid of speaking up and speaking her mind.  Her questions and contributions have brought clarity to many discussions and over the years she has set an example for others to follow.  Kathy’s colleagues appreciate and respect her as an active, committed and voluble Committee member, missing few meetings and always ready with comment and constructive criticism.

2013  Professor Peter Reid BA(Hons) DipLib PhD MCLIP, Immediate Past President Honorary Members with CILIPS President Audrey Sutton

Peter served as President throughout 2012 in one of the most difficult periods of CILIPS’s history – the disaggregation from the working partnership with SLIC.  Peter played a key role in setting the new direction for CILIPS as well as carrying out his presidential duties.  Throughout he provided a model of professionalism and good humour while never ducking away form some difficult decisions.  His love for the profession is clear in all that he does and CILIPS is extremely proud of the presidential example he set.  His dedication to CILIPS is evident in all that he does and the level of support he has given (and continues to give) to our organisation.  When not working for CILIPS, Peter is Professor of Librarianship and Head of Department of Information Management at Robert Gordon University where he is responsible for the academic direction of the Information Management discipline within the School.  He leads the Information Services module and jointly teaches the Information Governance module on the MSc Information Management.  Peter is also responsible for the specialist Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module on Local Studies Collection Management.

2014 Sheila Miller MCLIP

Sheila Miller will be well known to colleagues in the public library sector and to CILIPS staff and councillors.  For many years she served on CILIPS Council and as Chair, steering CILIPS through one of the most transformative periods in its history.  Those who know Sheila refer to her as a very loyal, discreet and supportive colleague and a very good friend.

Sheila was born and educated in Falkirk.  She studied librarianship at RGU before joining Stirling District Council.  After leaving to have children, Sheila returned to work in Falkirk before heading back to Stirling Council where she spent the rest of her career.

Sheila is a very talented person and has a wide range of interests including knitting and sewing.  She retired from Stirling and from CILIPS Council in 2012 and is now enjoying retirement.

2014 Dr Audrey Sutton MA(Hons) DipLib PhD MCLIP, Immediate Past President

Audrey is currently Head of Service (Education and Skills), Community and Culture at North Ayrshire Council but it is for her work as CILIPS President in 2013 that she is honoured here.  Audrey took up the presidency in a year of great change for CILIPS and carried out her role with professionalism and care.  Audrey’s theme for her presidential year was ‘Making a difference’ and she certainly did that by planning one of our best attended conference ever.  During her year she visited Branches and UK conference always making sure that she used every opportunity to remind all our stakeholders just how important libraries are, and providing all the arguments as to why libraries should continue to be a priority, using her wider experience to set them in the context of early intervention, prevention and community empowerment.

2014 Dr Dorothy Williams

Professor Dorothy Williams is currently Emeritus Professor of Information Science attached to Aberdeen Business School.  Her research interests cover information literacies, impact of information and school libraries.  And it is for her research into school libraries, in particular, that she is being honoured here.  She leads the Making Connections Programme, a series of ongoing research studies examining the state of information literacy in UK Schools

Many will be familiar with her recently published research report for SLIC – The Impact of School Library Services on Learning which forms a neat symmetry with perhaps her other groundbreaking work – The Impact of the School Library Resource Centre on learning back in 1999.

2015 Cathy Gormal BACathy Gormal receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Jeanette Castle

Cathy recently retired, but is being honoured for her dedication to the cause of lifelong learning during a long career in public libraries.  Throughout her career, she has been a vocal and active advocate of the role of public libraries in learning.


2015 Yvonne Manning MA DipLib MCLIPYvonne Manning receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Jeanette Castle

Currently Principal Librarian at Children’s Services, Falkirk.  She is being honoured for her work within Youth Libraries Group Scotland as a Committee member and former Chair; for long years of dedication and service on CILIPS Council and for her continuing work as Chair of the School Libraries Advocacy Group and representative for Central Branch on the Scottish CPD Network.

2015 Robert Ruthven MA DipLIS MCLIP, Immediate Past President 

Robert is currently Director of Library Services at Glasgow Caledonian University although his career has seen him hold posts across schools, public libraries and higher education.  As CILIPS President last year, he was a key member of the Public Libraries National Strategy Group and continues to work with CILIPS in his role as Immediate Past President as both a Trustee and Chair of the Consultative Council.

2016 Jeanette Castle MA(Hons) DipILS MCLIP, Immediate Past President Jeanette Castle receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Theresa Breslin

Jeanette was honoured for her dedication to libraries and the profession throughout her career and in her role as CILIPS President where she offered encouragement and inspiration to the membership.


2016 Jenny Des FountainJenny Des Fountain receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Theresa Breslin

Jenny is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for the role of professional librarians in schools.  As head of Tobermory High School, she ensured that the library was at the heart of the school, mentored her librarian through chartership, and ensured that the school library was recognised in the HMIe Inspection Report as an outstanding feature of the school.  Jenny is now working hard with the Save Scotland’s school libraries campaign.

2016 Paulette Hill BSc(Hons) DipLib MCLIPPaulette Hill receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Theresa Breslin

Paulette was honoured for her work with the CILIPS Special Interest Group, Multimedia and Information Technology Scotland where for many years she served as Treasurer of the Group.  She retired earlier this year from her post as Library Manager at Historic Scotland.

2016 Ruth Lyle MSc MCLIP

Ruth was honoured for her work in supporting candidates through professional registration travelling the length and breadth of Scotland delivering workshops on behalf of CILIP.  For many years she carried out her role as part of the CILIP Special Interest Group, Career Development Group, and now carries on working in partnership with CILIP in Scotland to deliver workshops and candidate support.

2016 Val Walker MCLIPVal Walker receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Theresa Breslin

Val, now retired from her day job with Edinburgh Council School Libraries Service, was formerly part of PTEG Mentor Support Network and for many years delivered training on behalf of CILIP.  She continues to work with CILIPS colleagues to deliver mentoring support and training, often in partnership with Ruth across Scotland for professional colleagues undertaking the PKSB.

2017 Theresa Breslin MCLIP, Immediate Past PresidentTheresa Breslin receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Liz McGettigan

In her role as a children’s author, Theresa has published over forty books and won the Carnegie medal.  She has served on the Board of Scottish Book Trust, the Advisory Committee for Public Lending Right in the UK and coordinated the Scottish Writers Project.  During 2016, in her role as CILIPS President, she has offered encouragement and inspiration to the membership throughout Scotland and continues to contribute to the work of CILIP in Scotland as a member of our Trustee Board.

2017 Fred Guy BA DipLib MAFred Guy receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Liz McGettigan

Recently retired, Fred, throughout his career has been committed to the development and advocacy of cataloguing and indexing professionals in Scotland for which he received the Alan Jeffreys award from CIGS in 2015.

Fred worked in HE libraries before joining the National Library of Scotland where his achievements included creating the first mass digitisation project which saw NLS printed catalogue records stored as electronic data; working in cooperation with the Russian State Library he helped to progress the installation of a modern library automation system before leaving NLS to take charge of the SUNCAT project at EDINA.  Involvement with the CILIP CIGA saw him continue to make a significant contribution to sectoral initiatives over the years including ‘Information for Scotland’ and the Web2 seminar series.

2017 Elspeth Scott BA DipEd FCLIPElspeth Scott receiving honorary membership from CILIPS President Liz McGettigan

Elspeth works as a school librarian in Dundee where she is a passionate advocate for the role of school librarians and in particular their role in promoting information literacy.  She’s been an extremely active member and Board member of the School Library Association for more than 25 years.  Within her school, Menzieshill High in Dundee, Elspeth has built a central role for the school library in delivery of Curriculum for Excellence.  She’s featured in Times Education Scotland for her work in teaching literacy across the curriculum and has written and presented extensively on many topics from establishing a secondary school library policy through planning book events to evaluating the performance of the school library.

2018 Guy Daines BA DipLib MCLIP FRSA Guy Daines accepting his honorary membership certificate from CILIPS President Margaret Menzies

Guy is a longstanding senior professional at CILIP and worked to assist SLA and CILIPS on matters of procedures, information and committees.  He has a background in public library practice and worked with EBLIDA (Executive Committee) on ebooks and the Eright to Read Campaign.  He contributed greatly to the committee of Devolved Nations and is the CILIP resident expert on devolution differences.

2018 Craig Green 

Craig has served as CILIPS Trustee Board Chair and steered the Memorandum of Understanding with CILIP to a joint agreement.  He pioneered the first networked library catalogue set up through Glasgow’s college sector called the ‘Next Generation Libraries Project.’  Craig also remodelled the SLIC Innovation and Development Funding Award scheme and developed a whole college transferable CPD programme based upon the CILIP PKSB.  He promoted information services including web and intranet services as part of a common corporate communications culture and contributed to setting up the JISC Scotland office and service.

2018 Anna Herron MA DipLib FCLIP

Anna provides outstanding support to the professional development of the members of CILIP and is committed to CPD within the profession.  She provides mentor to members, delivers workshop and training for CILIP candidates and is an assessor and member of PRAB.  Anna had a leadership role at Falkirk Libraries for the past 18 years.

2018 Ian McCracken BA MCLIPIan McCracken accepting honorary membership from CILIPS President Margaret Menzies

Ian is the Former Librarian of Govan High School where he supported teachers and pupils alike.  In his spare time, he applied his professional library and research skills to documenting the history of the school, local area, and former pupils and staff, much of which has been published.  Now retired, he continues to spend time as volunteer archivist at Govan High School.  During the 1980s, he also served as NALGO steward during the Strathclyde school librarians strike for better pay and professional recognition.  A long time champion of information skills, Ian is still an active member of the Information Literacy Community of Practice, and in recent years has worked with the Health Alliance to develop the Health Literacy Toolkit and worked with Northumbria University to set up contact with Edinburgh School Libraries, resulting in groundbreaking research in pupils’ IL skills.  A long time CILIP in Scotland member, Ian has served as a Trustee and as a representative to the School Library Association Scotland.

2018 Liz McGettigan BA MCLIP ACMI FRSA, Immediate Past President Liz McGettigan accepting honorary membership from CILIPS President Margaret Menzies

The CILIPS President of 2017, Liz is a digital champion with 20 years experience in libraries and  delivered great success as Head of Edinburgh Libraries.  She has a record of service development and advocates for libraries and for the profession.  Liz introduced the ‘Scotland’s Library Information Professional of the Year’ award, was a Scotland Women in Technology finalist 2017 and one of Scotland’s Top 10 Digital Disruptors 2016.

2019 Fiona Clark

Yvonne Manning presents Fiona Clark with Honorary Membership Award

Fiona is being awarded Honorary Membership for her services to public libraries in Scotland. As the Chair of the Association of Public Libraries in Scotland (APLS), Fiona is a key supporter of the Scottish public library sector and has worked with Aberdeen City Council since 1981 in a variety of roles and locations including Branch Librarian, Assistant Central Lending Librarian, and Multi-Media librarian. In 2007, Fiona took up the role of Library & Information Services Manager and is currently the Acting Service Manager for Culture. Fiona has been involved in many different projects on both a local and national level including the implementation of the People’s Network and the redevelopment of Aberdeen Central Library.

2019 Jenny Foreman

Jenny is being given her Honorary Membership for her work with the Information Literacy Community of Practice and Scottish Government Library. Jenny is Head Librarian of the Scottish Government Library where they provide services for over 7,000 civil servants, helping their colleagues develop their digital and information skills and offering a range of courses on digital and searching skills, research and keeping up-t0-date. Jenny is a co-chair of the Information Literacy Community of Practice where she works with colleagues to share best practice in Information Literacy.

2019 Carole Gray

Yvonne Manning presents Carole Gray with Honorary Membership awardCarole Gray is Libraries Manager at New College Lanarkshire and is being awarded Honorary Membership for her long and extremely active role within the Further Education Libraries sector in Scotland. As well as being an expert in her role she gives a huge amount of time to the sector including being a former Chair of the Librarian Steering Group within the College Development Network and undertaking a number of roles as part of the Academic and Research Libraries Group Scotland. Carole also is a Trustee of CILIPS and regularly supports their work.

2019 Cleo Jones

Cleo Jones receiving Honorary Membership awardCleo Jones is nominated for her services to school and public libraries, as well as being a co-chair of the Information Literacy Community of Practice. She is a senior Library Manager with a background in Schools and Children’s Libraries and is currently Lifelong Learning Development Officer (Libraries) for the City of Edinburgh Council with a wide remit, including Children’s, school and mobile libraries. She has been an advocate for school librarians over the years and has worked hard to ensure that the best opportunities are available for all children and young people to develop their literacy to improve their life chances.

2019 Margaret Menzies

Margaret Menzies receives Honorary Membership Award

Margaret is the immediate past-president of CILIPS. During her Presidential year, she led a sold-out Conference and Gathering, met with many members via Meet the President events, and was a wonderful supporter of CILIPS work both prior to, during and after her Presidential year. Margaret is also nominated because of her many years’ service to public libraries. Margaret was Area Manager for West Lothian Libraries for 8 years before spending the subsequent 18 years in senior leadership roles with the library service in the Borders, a role she retired from last year.

2020 Geoffrey Hamilton 

Geoffrey Hamilton was presented with Honorary Membership for being the “backbone of the CILIPS East Branch committee”. He has given many years to East Branch in his role as treasurer and committee member and was put forward by the Chair of East Branch for his invaluable support.

2020 Alison Leslie

Alison Leslie has worked for the National Library of Scotland for many years and is currently a Maps Assistant working at the NLS Causewayside site. She was presented with Honorary Membership due to the amount of time and energy she dedicates to supporting the work of CILIP in Scotland. She volunteers to assist with the running of the Annual Conference and Autumn Gathering, providing invaluable support to CILIPS staff during these busy events. She also commits time to the CILIPS East Branch as a committee member of many years.

2020 Dr David McMenemy 

Dr David McMenemy is a Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He was nominated for and received honorary membership for being a champion of professional values and upholding a standard of excellence for the profession in his teaching and research. He has provided many years of education to Scotland’s library and information professionals and often supports and helps to develop the work of CILIP in Scotland.

2021 Anne Louise Anglim

Anne Louise Anglim was presented with Honorary Membership in recognition of her many years of service to the CILIPS Board and Council, as well as her impact on the library world through her roles at West Dunbartonshire and Glasgow Libraries. As Principal Librarian, Access and Schools, at The Mitchell Library for Glasgow Life, she works with educational establishments and library professionals across the city, actively contributing to Glasgow-wide projects such as the Aye Write festival.

2021 Martina McChrystal, Immediate Past President

Martina McChrystal delivered an excellent presidential year during a global pandemic, whilst also being Director of Library Services at University of Glasgow. Martina has also been a vital part of the library community in Scotland for many years. From 2013-15, she served as Edinburgh’s Libraries and Information Services Manager, the strategic lead for all aspects of public library provision in Edinburgh with responsibility for the direction, development and promotion of 28 libraries. Martina became a Trustee for Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust in January 2014, and in 2018 she served as Chair of the Scottish Government’s National School Library Strategy Advisory Group.

2021 Dr Diane Pennington

Dr Diane Pennington was recognised with Honorary Membership for her impact on the profession through her role as Senior Lecturer in Information Science and as the Course Director for the MSc/PgDip in Information and Library Studies in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde. In addition to this, Diane gives back to the profession regularly, such as being Chair of the CILIP Metadata and Discovery Group and a key part of the team who brought EBLIP to Glasgow.

2022 Eleanor McKay MBE

A long-time member of CILIPS and former Council and LocScot member, Eleanor has worked with dedication, determination, and drive throughout her career, supporting communities across Argyll and Bute and making an exceptional contribution to a wide range of projects including local First World War commemorations and was awarded an MBE last year.

2022 Fiona Laing

Fiona is retiring soon from the National Library of Scotland and has provided years of excellent service as well as supporting the wider community via CILIPS and SWOP. Fiona is also a former Library and Information Professional of the Year.

2022 Catherine Salmond

As editor of Scotland on Sunday, Catherine has led a passionate and powerful campaign calling on all Scots to #SupportOurLibraries, which has since been shortlisted for Campaign of the Year in the Scottish Press Awards. Catherine was also a keynote speaker at the 2022 CILIPS Annual Conference.

2023 Damian Barr

Damian Barr is an award-winning and bestselling writer, broadcaster and journalist and also is a long time supporter of libraries, including giving a passionate and inspiring keynote at the 2022 CILIPS Conference. Damian also actively campaigned to save Newarthill Library a few years ago.

2023 Shona Donaldson 

Before retiring in 2022, Shona worked for the library service in Dundee for over 20 years and supported CILIP and its networks throughout her career including being part of the CILIPS Tayside Group.

2023 Kerry Hudson

As well as being an award winning writer, Kerry has been a tireless advocate for libraries and librarians and has written extensively about their impact on her life and work including several recent pieces in the Herald and the Press and Journal.

2023 Annette Thain

Annette supported the work of CILIPS via a strong partnership with NHS Education for Scotland where she worked since 2003 supporting library and information workers in the health sector. She retired in 2023 from the role of Principal Lead in the new Knowledge Management and Discovery Business Unit. 

2024 Shelagh Toonen

Shelagh served for a number of years as the Chair of the CILIPS School Libraries Group, devising a diverse and productive range of activities for the group and at all times providing a powerful voice advocating for Scotland’s school library sector. Shelagh is currently the school librarian at Elgin Academy in Moray, and she won Scotland’s Library and Information Professional of the Year in 2018. This followed Shelagh’s award from the School Libraries Association as Honour List Librarian in 2017.

2024 Julie Sutherland

Julie is currently the librarian at Forrester High School and has been Chair of CILIPS East Branch for many years, leading the group to effectively deliver a range of unique and interesting workshops, webinars and legendary ‘Library Bagging’ events. Julie was also awarded Learning Professional of the Year 2022 by Scottish Book Trust, being commended by her colleagues and pupils for her unwavering enthusiasm and energy for her role.

2024 Pamela Tulloch

Pamela is set to retire in 2024, concluding her time at the Scottish Library and Information Council after many years at the as Chief Executive Officer. She is also an active member on many advisory and influential boards, including the Scottish Government’s Creative Industries Leadership Group, the Designing Libraries Board, the British Library Advisory Council, the Board of the Culture & Business Scotland, the Digital Inclusion Alliance Board, and a number of other library and information related alliances. Pamela is a highly-respected figure and advocate within the profession, and she has provided over 40 years of service to the library and information sector across Scotland.

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